Mental health consumers want more informed self-care.

Care providers need remote, 24/7 indication of need.

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What would this 21st Century vision of mental healthcare look like?

Precovery Wristband

The discreet durable Precovery wristband

Just wear it - and it will measure your heart rate, physical activity and sleep patterns

You can add contextual information in the Precovery App (Optional)

For more info, add your medications, appointments and activities

Your personal dashboard

Your dashboard gives you a holistic view of the factors that might be affecting how you feel

Precovery will calculate your wellness

See how you are going today compared to usual

Choose to connect or share with your care circle

Whether with your Carer, Friend, GP, Psychiatrist, Therapist or Support Service, or whoever you choose, you can discuss face to face, or share your dashboard in between appointments and consultations

Support services can identify need in real time

More efficient, targeted, cost-effective service delivery

Nothing about you without you

The Precovery team are passionate about connecting the dots between mental health and technology. Working closely with technologists and researchers, Precovery is a solution that keeps you and your wishes at the centre of the service. Helping you to better understand your feelings and illness is more than just a job to us, it’s personal. Our team has lived experience of mental illness and we know how much of a difference good information and support can make. We will never share any information without your consent and we will fight stigma wherever we find it.

from the Precovery team

Want to be involved?

Precovery is looking for consumers, carers and support services in Australia to participate in the trials of Precovery, in 2017. If you, or someone you know, would be interested, please get in touch using the email address below. We’d love to have you on board!